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NYSE V. XXXXX Investigation into possible violations of NYSE rules or other applicable regulations and laws in connections with the sale of variable annuities Matter resolved without sanctions, fines or censure
USA V. COLEMAN Book Making Received probation
USA V. EDWARDS Crack Cocaine In the district court, Nishay K. Sanan, argued that the narcotics were not crack but rather cocaine base and therefore the 10 year mandatory minimum did not apply. After a hearing with a battle of experts, the district court found that the substance was not crack but rather cocaine base, but still sentenced Edwards to the 10 year mandatory minimum stating that this was a matter of first impression in the 7th Circuit. On appeal, the 7th circuit reversed the district court stating the “all crack in cocaine base but not all cocaine base is crack” therefore the 10 year mandatory minimum was not applicable. On remand, Edwards was sentenced to time served (approximately 15 month).
STATE V. KEYS Nigerian Check Scam Charges dismissed on day of trial.
STATE V. MOORE Assault Motion to dismiss charges granted.
IL SEC V. XXXXX Alleged improper sales of “Life Contracts” Consent decree without admissions of any violations.
STATE V. XXXX Disorderly conduct conviction Reverse and dismissed by IL Appellate Court based upon insufficient evidence
USA V. SHELBY Crack Cocaine Facing a mandatory minimum of 10 years, after trial, Shelby was found guilty of cocaine base not crack, therefore sentenced under the cocaine guidelines without a mandatory minimum.
Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Nishay Sanan on TruTV In Session 9/27/12