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USA V. SHUBI Federal Arson (5 yr mandatory minimum Over Nishay K. Sanan’s numerous objections and request for mistrials, trial court sent hung jury back to deliberate several time (even after they stated that it would be unfair to both the defendant and jury to continue to deliberate) eventually convicting Shubi. However, upon filing post trial motions, Nishay K. Sanan was successful in having conviction overturned then negotiating dismissal of Arson charge for mail fraud and time served.
USA V. VERTHEIN Ecstasy Pills Cased dismissed on the eve of trial after Nishay K. Sanan discovered the Government’s failure to tender certain discovery in its possession.
USA V. GUERRA Large drug conspiracy The trial court dismissed the case after the close of the Government’s evidence finding that no reasonable trier of fact could find Guerra guilty of the charged conduct. All other co-defendants either plead guilty or were found guilty at trial.
USA V. GARCIA Large drug conspiracy Charges dismissed at preliminary hearing.
USA V. WALSH Theft of IRS checks from mail Facing jail time under the sentencing guidelines, Nishay K. Sanan successfully argued for probation.
USA V. WHITE Solicitation for murder Head of the Neo-Nazi party in the U.S., White posted, that name and address of the jury foreman in White Supremacist Mathew Hale’s trial, on his web- site. Arguing the First Amendment and protected free speech, the district court dismissed the charge, prior to trial.
USA V. PANSIER Tax fraud Offered a 5 to 7 year plea deal before trial, Nishay K. Sanan was successful at trial of knocking out the most serious tax fraud charges that would have resulted in a sever sentence. Pansier was sentenced to 2 years.
USA V. TURNER Threat to assault or murder federal judges “Shock Jock” Hal Turner was charged with threatened to assault and murder three United States judges with intent to retaliate against such judges on account of the performance of their official duties. Nishay K. Sanan and co-counsel were able to shut down the government’s case and have a large amount of the Government’s evidence excluded from the trial. The jury came back hung with a 9 to 3 vote to acquit Mr. Turner.
Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Nishay Sanan on TruTV In Session 9/27/12