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United States Lawyer Defending Against White Collar Crime Charges

If employees or managers in your company have committed corporate fraud or embezzlement, or engaged in other misconduct, your company may find federal prosecutors investigating and prosecuting a civil or criminal case. Contact a United States corporate fraud lawyer.

Overstating assets or understating debts may seem a benefit to the company. But in the long run, the truth will come out. There are various parties who would benefit from exposure of fraud. Aside from government investigators, whistleblowers, short sellers, and journalists wanting to break a story have an interest in exposing corporate fraud.

If there is a suspicion of fraud or other wrongdoing, many corporations and municipal entities will conduct their own internal investigation to determine the details of the cases. In these situations, in-house counsel may not always be as effective or as objective as enlisting the assistance of outside legal advisors. Nishay K. Sanan, Esq., can handle all aspects of internal investigations.

If fraud, embezzlement, or corruption on the inside is suspected, Nishay K. Sanan can conduct extensive investigations, including the following:

  • Document examination
  • Employee interviews
  • Financial audits

Retain an Attorney

It is essential to retain an attorney to forestall or prepare to respond to an investigation. The attorney will conduct an internal investigation with the aim of limiting the disclosure of company information, limiting the scope of any investigation and complying with the duty to protect the company and shareholders. The sooner you know the extent of any problem, the better you can handle any government investigation.

Contact Nishay K. Sanan, Esq., for your internal corporate investigation. He is an experienced white collar and financial crimes attorney handling state and federal cases. He has a background in accounting with an emphasis on tax. Mr. Sanan limits his caseload and is always available to you, his client.

Consultations are confidential and free. Call 312-692-0360.

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