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Illinois Attorney Defending Criminal Immigration Charges

The crackdown on illegal immigration has resulted in increased enforcement and prosecution of crimes relating to illegal immigrants within the United States and illegally obtained documents to enter the United States. Nishay K. Sanan provides a vigorous defense against criminal charges related to immigrant smuggling and harboring or transporting illegal aliens, Fraudulent H-1 Visas, inducing illegal aliens to remain, cases related to fraudulent marriages, drug smuggling, drug trafficking and other immigrant crimes

For many professionals charged with immigration fraud, it is a matter of not understanding that laws were being broken. Nishay Sanan has represented many individuals and business entities who were given improper legal advice or simply weren’t aware of changes in the law.

If you are under investigation for immigration fraud by the U.S. Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), contact Nishay K. Sanan immediately. He has extensive experience in federal cases involving investigations by U.S. governmental agencies leading to grand jury indictment and charges.

  • Labor law violations, DOL investigations
  • Falsified green card documentation
  • Marriage and family visa schemes
  • Human trafficking defense

A criminal conviction can destroy your life. Contact United States attorney Nishay K. Sanan, Esq. through this Web site or call 312-692-0360. Initial consultations are free, although you may be asked to pay for travel expenses.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Nishay Sanan on TruTV In Session 9/27/12