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USA V. XXXXX After being charged with immigration fraud that mandated deportation upon conviction, Nishay K. Sanan was able to negotiate reduced charges to obstruction of justice with no mandatory deportation.
USA V. XXXXX Facing jail time for violations of the Medicare/Medicaid anti-kickback Statute, Attorney Sanan was successfully able to argue for probation.
USA V. XXXXX Nishay K. Sanan was successfully able to keep a partner, in a home health care agency from indictment even though his Client’s partner was indicted. The matter involved alleged kickbacks and billing for unnecessary medical services.
USA V. XXXXX U.S. Attorney’s office declined prosecution of our client, however, indicted, his business partner for tax violations. Attorney Sanan was able to provide ample evidence that his client was unaware of the activities of his business partner.
SEC V. XXXXX After early intervention, by Attorney Sanan, the SEC declined an enforcement action against a mid-sized accounting firm for securities laws violations.
USA V. XXXXX Nishay K. Sanan was able to negotiate A pre-trial diversion a week before trial for the CEO of a company that was granted funding from various municipalities but then accused of misappropriating those funds.
USA V. PEREIRA Large drug conspiracy The trial court dismissed the case after the close of the Government’s evidence finding that no reasonable trier of fact could find Pereira guilty of the charged conspiracy. Attorney Sanan, successfully, argued that at best the Government had shown a buyer-seller agreement. All other co-defendants either plead guilty or were found guilty at trial.
USA V. FORD Wire/Mail Fraud 3 Defendants were charged with numerous counts of mail and wire fraud based upon a scheme to defraud homeowners and mortgage lenders. At trial Mr. Sanan’s client was acquitted of several counts. While the other 2 defendants received 22 and 15 years, Ms. Ford was sentenced to 4 years based upon a loss amount of 6 million dollars attributable to all defendants. Mr. Sanan also successfully argued against the application of an obstruction of justice enhancement based upon his client’s testimony at trial.
Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Nishay Sanan on TruTV In Session 9/27/12